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Jaye Rhee

Essays by Carol Becker, Edwin Ramoran, Sara Reisman and Raúl Zamudio


Jaye Rhee is a New York-based artist who regularly exhibits work at various international venues. Imageless is Rhee’s first monograph, which surveys her work encompassing video, performance, photography, and installation. The presentation of the body of work is punctuated by four essays: Carol Becker on the “Real Fake”; Raúl Zamudio on the “Art in Motion”; Sara Reisman on the “Performed and Crafted”; and Edwin Ramoran on one of Rhee’s projects, Bambi.

  • Text in English
  • Hardcover
  • 225 x 305 mm, 120 pp
  • 2010
  • ISBN 978-89-93061-23-9
  • 40,000 KRW
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