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What is a Designer: things, places, messages

  • Norman Potter
    Editor’s afterwords by Robin Kinross
    Translated to Korean by Min Choi
  • Paperback
    138 x 210 mm
    232 pp
  • ISBN 978-89-957810-9-8
    10,000 KRW
    Order online
  • Korean edition of Norman Potter, What is a designer: things, places, messages. The following is a quotation from the publisher of the original English edition, Hyphen Press, London: “ This long-established title shows powers of self-renewal, as new young readers find in it a stimulus to thought and action unavailable from more showy, duller items. An urgent book, it combines high-flown generalities with often striking specificity of reference. It addresses especially students at further education level in every design discipline, including architecture.”


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