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Modern typography: an essay in critical history

  • Robin Kinross
    Translated to Korean by Min Choi
  • Paperback
    135 x 216 mm
    320 pp
  • ISBN 978-899306-10-93
    18,000 KRW
  • This is a Korean edition of Robin Kinross, Modern typography: an essay in critical history. Following is a quotation from the publisher of the English edition, Hyphen Press, London: “A brisk tour through the history of Western typography, from the time (c.1700 in France and England) when it can be said to have become ‘modern’. A spotlight is directed at different cultures in different times, to trace the developments and shifts in modern typography. Attention is given to ideas, to social context, and to technics, thus stepping over the limited and tired tropes of stylistic analysis. The second edition is now published.”


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