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Specter Press produces catalogues and monographs for artists, often in close collaboration with related institutions and individuals as well as the subjects. The editorial and visual forms are typically unconventional, reflecting the spirit of the work.

MeeNa Park Drawings A–Z
Technical Problem
Two Faces
The Power of Color
Kinross, Modern typography (1992, 2004, 2009)
Organic Geometry: Hong Seung-Hye 1997–2008
Petri Dish
The Homo Species: Catalogue
The Homo Species
Hong Seung-Hye’s Method of Space Cultivation
Hong Seung-Hye’s Method of Space Cultivation
Wonjoo Park
Power of the Vulnerable
MeeNa Park 1995–2005
MeeNa Park 1995–2005
Show Show Show
Show Show Show: “The Show Must Go On” Recycled